PIDP 3250 Digital Project by Abbas Mojarrab

PIDP 3250 Digital Project by Abbas Mojarrab; Incorporate Competition Appropriately.

I really enjoyed Abbas’s digital presentation. It was well put together and kept me interested in the topic while I watched it. The title, Incorporate Competition Appropriately caught my attention because it is something I do in the classes I teach. I however had not given much thought to the fairness of the teams. I use a jeopardy game where I split the class into two teams and we play a power point based game of jeopardy. It is based on the previous few weeks course content. I use this as an informal assessment tool. I usually split the class in half based on seating rather than student strength. After watching Abbas’s presentation I feel that may not be the best way to do it. Going forward I will make up the teams in a more fair way making sure each team has students of equal strength.